Screw You Production Model

Because i’m just not a fan of factory work. I don’t like my toys to look too much like toys, if that make sense. So, basically I got 2014 movie assault van for an incredibly good price, After receiving it, I broke it down to every individual piece, and repainted every part of it top […]

The Future Always Sucks

Because for some reason I always like having a future inspired Michelangelo. So, using. OotS Raphael, resculpting a Michelangelo head, and doing some paint and other work (filling in holes and such), I came up with a SaiNW inspired future Mikey.

Just 4 Brothers

I actually enjoyed the designs of the newer movie turtles. However, I wanted a little more cohesion between the group. So, since I primarily use these Turtles my Turtles, I pretty much repainted them all head to toe. Also I’ve not liked any of the movie Donatello figures so I had to completely redesign him […]

B&R Bed n Breakfast

I like dios, I like designing places for figures to live, ergo I figured the duo needed their own hangout.  I started out using the new movie figures, but ultimately preferred my customs of these two, so the customs took over from the licensed. There’s still some more stuff I’d like to do, but for […]

Current State of aLairs

I’m in the process of slowly piecing together a Turtle Lair using the 2k3 base. Basically there’s a lot of additions, a lot of repainting, and a lot of accessorizing. Using various dollhouse, wrestling, and a few turtle pieces, as well as a few handmade pieces, I slowly started to fill out the place. There […]